I have many milestone cakes I made last year that I loved, loved the challenge of or the theme, but a stand out for me would have to be the cake I made for my sister’s 60th birthday. My sister requested a red rosette cake to which I told her no, she needed a champagne ice bucket cake! Her only request was that it be gold and include the colour red.

For this cake I made the cake board have a wooden floor effect, red roses and built the champagne bucket from different sized mud cakes. The cake was covered in white fondant and hand painted gold, I made my own candied ice cubes and hollowed out some of the top of the cake to give it the look of a bucket.

The ice cubes were placed on top of the cake with mini bottles of champagne to complete the look.

The best part of this cake was being at the party and seeing the reactions of the guests. A lot of people didn’t realise it was cake at first, and then they all started touching the ice cubes to see if they were cold. My aunty even tried to put her bottle of champagne in the gold “ice bucket”.

The cake was a roaring success and I couldn’t be happier with how the cake turned out adding to the celebrations of an amazing woman and my big sister!