Kid’s cakes are always lots of fun! My own children’s birthdays is the main reason I got into cake decorating, I wanted to be able to give them something magical that they would love. It gives me great joy to be able to do the same for my customer’s children’s birthdays.

Below are just a few children’s birthday cakes that were a highlight for me in 2017.

Mermaid cake

I was lucky enough to make the baby shower cake for this customer and was so pleased when she contacted me to make her daughter’s first birthday cake. She had such a lavish set up for her baby shower that I knew the first birthday cake would be part of a spectacular table display!

The theme was mermaid and we settled on a three tier design. My customer knew exactly what she wanted with co-ordinating colours, it was up to me to create her vision! It was such a beautiful design, with waves, sand, sea shells, with pink, lilac, blues and gold. I loved all the elements of this cake and putting it together I knew it was going to be something special.

The days following the party my customer contacted me to thank me and share photos of the cake set up, and it was just as I imagined, spectacular!! The cake itself was sitting on its own swing and was surrounded by matching desserts and flowers, such a beautiful display.

Hootabelle Cake

This was one tall cake! Standing at around 9” tall which brings its own challenges to a decorator, but I was really pleased with how this one turned out. I also purchased some new letter cutters perfect for this cake that I couldn’t wait to use!

Hootabelle was the feature of this cake, and I was really pleased with how she turned out, one of my favourite topper’s I’ve mad



Playschool Cake

Playschool is such an iconic Australian kids TV show, it was a big part of my own childhood and has been a big part in my own kids’ lives. I was excited to have the opportunity to make such an iconic cake!

Initial discussion with the customer indicated that she wanted big ted to feature and the play school windows. My customer had been at the party with the Hootabelle cake and they loved the height of that cake and wanted the same for their son’s playschool cake.

The design was set, the play school windows around the cake with big ted and colourful blocks with their son’s name on top.

I was really pleased with this cake and happy that I was able to pay tribute to such a well-loved show for Joshua’s first birthday cake!


DJ cake

The customer for this cake contacted me late on a Wednesday asking if I could make her son’s first birthday cake for the coming Saturday. Usually I require a minimum one week notice before taking on any cake to allow time to prepare and work into my schedule, but with her decorator having to cancel last minute, I took on the job! The next day I baked the cake as early as I could and started all the prep work.

The theme was DJ with white, silver and black, given my limited time, I was really pleased with how this cake turned out and my customer was extremely happy!

Mermaid Pirate Cake

I loved the idea of this cake from the very beginning! It was for a joint birthday a brother’s first birthday and his big sister’s 4th birthday, and what a great combination for a boy and girl, Mermaids and Pirates! Based on the three tier design of the Mermaid cake I made a few month prior with the waves around the cake set the scene for the perfect Mermaid and Pirate cake. The cake was a huge hit!

Moana Inspired Cake

I love the story behind this cake! Made for a little girl celebrating her 3rd birthday with her dad whose birthday‘s are close together. They had recently had a daddy – daughter date to see the movie Moana and both loved it, playing the music from the movie at home there was no doubt that they should share a Moana cake for their joint celebration!